2019 Luncheon

Theme of Healing

2019 Luncheon

Theme: Healing

Sat, May 4th, 2019

Embassy Suites Dallas Park Central

Speaker: Dr. Estrelita Bruce

Dr. Estrelita Bruce is a Life Coach, Christian Counselor, International Speaker, Author, Writer, Mother, and Wife. Dr. E. is the visionary and creator of A NEW ME: Transparently, Abundantly.  Her private practice in Dallas, Texas that offers professional Christian counseling and spiritual life coaching services.

Entertainment: Anastasia “The Bold”

Anastasia “The Bold” is the hottest and most sought after comedian in the south. This young lady is without a doubt an extraordinary comedienne. She has an exceptional ability to captivate audiences from all backgrounds. Her versatility, comedic style, delivery, and stage presence are nothing short of amazing.

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Our 2019 Luncheon Beneficiary Story

During the years of 2017 and 2018, Always Mothers Luncheon (AML) functioned as a celebratory event. For each year, we picked an external non-profit beneficiary to partner with us for our luncheon. Each of the non-profits were chosen by AML's founder, Daphne Anderson,...

Do You Have a Self-Care Plan?

I have goals to focus on, achievements to make and deadlines to meet. In life/as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that my success and my failures or forgetfulness are usually based on my health, my attitude, my mindset and what’s happening in my life. When I am sick, I have to take time off to recuperate. That recuperation time is due to my physical self-care; my plan to staying fit and healthy. I’ve revised some of the tasks that I do throughout the day to reflect my physical self-care and take care of myself better.

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